Breakaway after 10km, I did not pursue since there was 90km to go. Little did I know the remaining riders of SCK riders would effectively spend 97km blocking any attempt to catch the breakaway. Naturally, its a part of the competition but still gives me a shitty taste in my mouth wiggling around @ 34kmh. As the Swedish saying goes; “vi hade i alla fall tur med vädret”.

The race was however very well organized with numerous MC riders covering the peloton in crossings etc.

Results to be presented later on; top three were covered by CK Hymer, CK08 and Valhall. I guess a comment for SCK is that if you are going to block out the majority of your riders for a breakaway, be certain that you have the capability to finish on top of that same breakaway.

*Updated* Results NationaldagsFondo 2013